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Sunday Doll Post: Sometimes Weird Things Happen

March 4, 2012

Warning: No sewing, only dolls. 

So, I started reading a doll blog a while back… because I like dolls and love to search the world wide webs for information on things I’m obsessed with. Doll Diaries is an especially good gem, in my opinion, because is focuses mainly on the type of dolls I like (affordable toy dolls, not much [but a little] of the high end collector dolls). The opinions on Doll Diaries are not always the same as mine (probably because I don’t have any children of my own), such as that Monster High dolls are too skinny or that owning more than a couple American Girl dolls is reasonable (I only say this cause it feels like a waste to have two dolls that are so similar; I have two AG dolls because they were childhood toys but the only reason I’d ever get another is if it was really unique, like Kaya). But I’ve learned about a ton of new doll lines that are really interesting. My favorite information on dolls is how the designer was inspired or the process of creating the dolls, unfortunately that isn’t something more companies share with the general public, but some do and Doll Diaries often gets interviews with those people! It’s like fried bacon on a stick, it may not be good for you but you just can’t say no.

Anyways, what am I rambling on about? I won a giveaway on Doll Diaries for a $25 gift certificate to Springfield dolls (a cheep version of 18″ dolls and clothing the same size as American Girl dolls, I’ve previously mentioned them here). I was pretty excited, I almost never win giveaways! Of course, I milked it for all it’s worth picked out some neato things.

Sally is wearing the "Blazer and Dress" set with "Black Ruffle Flats" and Mia is wearing the "Soccer Outfit" with purple "Slip On Shoes" (so creative in their titles aren't they?)

The clothes are pretty nice, for their price point, but they seem a little tight on these dolls. I think American Girl dolls must just have big butts or something. I love the shoes though, since those are a little harder to make at home.


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  1. March 4, 2012 12:26 pm

    So cute. Well done for winning a prize!

  2. Pedro permalink
    March 6, 2012 9:33 am

    Have you not brushed Sally’s hair yet?? Come on!


  1. What Molly Got With Her Springfield Gift Certificate — Doll Diaries

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